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Tahoe Hotel Deal

tahoe hotel deal

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Nik-N-Willie's Bake-N-Take Pizza

Nik-N-Willie's Bake-N-Take Pizza

I thought this vacant building with the weird 50's style steeple might be a defunct wedding chapel. You know, one of those places just over the Nevada line where couples used to purchase one standard model wedding, including the dress, tux, witnesses, license, music, photos, ceremony, and maybe a good deal on a room and reception in nearby casino resorts. Very popular when people in a hurry slipped out of town (sometimes no doubt at shotgun point) to avoid the longer wait in California.

I still think that's how it started, but the only signs I could find indicated that it was formerly a Nik-N-Willie's Pizza place. You find these in Nevada. The one in Tahoe moved south of the Y, in California, near where the Angora Fire was last year. Locals love their pizza and I keep meaning to try it.

But that leaves this rather compelling old empty building. I don't know what the people from Lakeside, an adjacent hotel and casino, were up to. Presumably they own the property.

Next year I'm expecting some inspired weirdness from them. They'd better not let me down.

The Super 8

The Super 8

Super sketchy and open for business. This was our hotel for the five nights we were in Lake Tahoe. The room was very spacious but also very not expensive, which meant we had to deal with sweet stuff like the giant heater sticking out of the wall in the living room (and by giant, I mean it was the size of an NFL linebacker) and the fact that the bathroom had tile floors and no heat. Whatever, for 40 bucks a night, it was right in our financial wheelhouse.

tahoe hotel deal

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