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Hotels On Orchard

hotels on orchard

  • An orchard is an intentional planting of trees or shrubs that is maintained for food production. Orchards comprise fruit or nut-producing trees which are grown for commercial production.

  • Orchard is a light rail station on RTD's system in Greenwood Village, Colorado.

  • A piece of land planted with fruit trees

  • grove: garden consisting of a small cultivated wood without undergrowth

  • An establishment providing accommodations, meals, and other services for travelers and tourists

  • (hotel) a building where travelers can pay for lodging and meals and other services

  • Hotel is a dimensional real estate game created by Milton Bradley in 1986. It is similar to Square Mile and Prize Property. In Hotel the players are building resort hotels and attempting to drive their competitors into bankruptcy.

  • HOTELS (ISSN-1047-2975) is a trade publication serving the information needs of the worldwide hospitality industry.

  • A code word representing the letter H, used in radio communication

ION SKY Clouds on the Horizon

ION SKY Clouds on the Horizon

Went for the preview of the soon to be opened ION SKY. Unfortunately, it was a stormy day and there was no clear horizon to be seen.

Located on levels 55 and 56 and at an impressive 218 metres, ION Sky is a must-visit destination offering an unrivalled 360-degree view from the highest point on Orchard Road.

Visitors to the observatory will enjoy the spectacular panorama, learn interesting facts about clouds and the weather, as well as experience the surrounding landscape through the BEHOLD™ telescope, first seen at the world?s tallest tower, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Introduced for the first time in Asia, this augmented reality device not only allows visitors to view the surrounding landscape in real-time but also uses state-of-the-art technology to bring the heritage of the areas to life, embracing ION Orchard?s celebration of being a key landmark in Singapore that bridges the past to the future.

Crown Hotel @ Orchard - Mini Flaky Skin Mooncake (Yam w/Yolk)

Crown Hotel @ Orchard - Mini Flaky Skin Mooncake (Yam w/Yolk)

Well-known for its flaky skin Teochew mooncakes, the Long Jiang Sichuan Restaurant at the Crown Hotel @ Orchard is bringing back its bestseller, the yam paste with single yolk mooncake (S$37.00 for 4). Each mooncake is handmade by the restaurant's chefs daily.

The mooncakes are available in mini sizes (see above) this year and the yam paste with yolk mooncake (S$38.00 for 8) not only looks prettier, but is also easier to eat.

For those who don't fancy the yolks, there are also plain mini yam paste mooncakes are available but don't miss out on the unique pumpkin yam paste mooncakes available plain (S$34.00 for 4) or with a single yolk (S$37.00 for 4).

Where to purchase: Crown Hotel at Orchard, Change Alley, Novena Square, Century Square (From Sept 2 to 18), Jurong Point, Junction 8 and Lot 1 (From Sept 5 to 18).

Discount: 20% off for Citibank cardmember.

hotels on orchard

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